Studio Rentals at Kenmore Camera

Full Rental Studio

Hailey Huffman in our studio

(Hailey Huffman by Tom Hopkins Photography)


    Space Only Rental : $50/hr or $350/day (8hr) (includes use of backgrounds)
    Full Studio Rental $75/hr or $500/day (8hr)
    Animal Deposit: $150 refundable cleaning deposit
    One-on-One Instruction: additional $80/hr

Kenmore Camera now offers basic studio rental space in our store. We have historically rented our spacious classrooms for class and meeting rentals. Now, you can rent this space for your next photography session!

The space measures 40'x32' with 10' ceiling, giving you plenty of room to be creative. You can rent the empty space with backgrounds, giving you the flexibility to use your own equipment, or just bring your camera and subject and use our basic lighting equipment and backgrounds. We offer both studio strobe (flash) system and daylight balanced continuous lighting. We also have umbrella adapters for your TTL flashes too (such as Canon 580EX or Nikon SB-910).

You can also combine the studio rental with our "One-on-One" instruction, to learn a new lighting technique or get help with a tough project. Check out our "One-on-One Instructors" page for more information.

Studio space rental is available during our normal business hours (M-F 9am-7pm, SAT 9am-5pm, SUN 12pm-5pm)
If you need to rent the space outside these hours, there will be a $15 per hour surcharge.

Rentals of 3-hours or more require a 50% deposit at time of reservation, which can be applied to your rental fee at the end of your rental period.

Call (425-485-7447) or email us with your questions or reservation requests.

Equipment and Amenities:

Monolight Strobe System:

  • (5) Bowens 500 w/s Monolights
  • (5) 8' Lightstands
  • (1) Background Lightstand
  • (1) Avenger A430 Rolling Stand w/Boom
  • (2) Umbrellas, White Transluscent
  • (2) 45" Black/White Umbrella
  • (1) 48" Black/White Umbrella
  • (2) Softbox - Medium (24x30)
  • Background Reflector w/Stand
  • Grid Spot

Continuous Lighting System:

  • (2) Westcott Spyderlite Continuous Lights
  • (2) 8' Lightstands
  • Westcott Spyderlite Softbox (24x32)
  • Westcott Spyderlite Stripbox (12x36)
  • Westcott Spyderlite Shallow Softbox (36x48)


  • 107" Arctic White Paper Seamless
  • 107" Jet Black Paper Seamless
  • 107" Neutral Gray Paper Seamless
  • 10' x 24' Muslin - Light/Dark Gray
  • 10' x 24' Muslin - Black

  • (You may also purchase a background from our inventory for use with the studio rental at a 15% discount.)

    TTL Flash Supports:

    (2) 8' lightstands with flash adapater & umbrella

    Wireless Controls:

    •  Phottix Atlas II Wireless Trigger Set (non-TTL)




    Do you rent cameras & lenses with the studio?

      While Kenmore Camera does not currently offer rentals in-house, we do partner with BorrowLenses with daily deliveries of rental equipment to our store. You can order the camera or lens you want online HERE and have it waiting for you when you rent our studio. When you are done, we will check-in your rental equipment and return it to BorrowLenses for you.

    What kind of photography can I do?

      We encourage exploring your creativity! That being said, we do ask that you abide by some basic guidlines:

      Animals - while we love our pets too, we do use this space for public events, and want to ensure as clean a space as possible. Animal hair, not to mention 'accidents', can be difficult to fully remove and detract from the attractiveness of the venue. Therefore, we will require a $150 refundable damage deposit for any small animals used in the studio (cats, dogs, wallabies, etc.).

      No alcohol - Use your natural charm to relax the model, and your inner muse to spark your creativity.

      Family Friendly - While we recognize that tasteful nudes have long been part of the art form, we want to keep our store and its venues 'family friendly'. Also, bear in mind that, for safety and security, the studio space is monitored by video surveilance. If you don't want our security monitor to see it, keep it covered!

      Restrict special effects to those that can be created with your camera and lights. Sorry, keep the fog machine, rings of fire and sparklers at home.

      Any damage to Kenmore Camera equipment or the studio space (including carpet, walls, ceiling and installed fixtures/equipment) is solely the responsiblity of the party renting the studio and its included equipment. Rent responsibly.

    Do you have other backgrounds to choose from? 
      At the moment we just offer 5 backgrounds: White, Gray & Black seamless paper and Dark Gray Wash or Black muslin. If you wish to purchase a different background from our store inventory when you rent the space, we will offer a 15% discount on the background purchase of your choice. We will help you get your background in place for your shoot too!