Mfg.Number:MB MBAG80PN
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The MBAG80P is the same as the other bags in the series but smaller and narrower, and comes without the side handle or inner accessory pocket.

  • Asymmetric tapered shape allows you to store the tripod with the head attached. Tripod legs fit comfortably in the narrower end (diameter 13cm - 5.1") and extra space is allowed for the larger volume of the head at the wider end(diameter 15cm - 5.9"). This also means it's easier to put the tripod and head in the bag, even if the head levers and knobs are fitted and jut out slightly.
  • Zip extends down the length of the bag, but also fully opens the top end of the bag, making it easier to get your tripod in and out, as well as being able to extract the tripod quickly.
  • Thermoform padding holds the tripod in place and protects it, especially the head, duringtransport. Serves a double purpose by protecting you from the tripod's hard edges when carrying it by your side.
  • Innovative design and style; ballistic nylon, zips and other materials used are of top quality and designedin collaboration with Kata Carrying Systems.
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