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Rotolight NEO is a revolutionary on-camera or location LED lighting fixture designed for the most demanding of professionals. NEO’s Bi-Colour LED system with AccuColour delivers exceptional colour rendering (CRI:95+), and fast, tunable colour on location thanks to the accurate colour temperature display (CCT). Powered by 6 x AA, AC, DC or D-Tap, NEO gives Industry leading performance (1077 Lux at 3 feet) whilst providing a gorgeous soft light source and Rotolight’s signature ‘Ring-Light’ Effect. Dual Controls for both dimming and colour make NEO a highly versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, filmmakers or still photographers.

NEO includes three groundbreaking features that set it apart from the field. Designer Fade mode for custom fade up / fade down production effects and True Aperture Dimming which accurately calculates the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance. Finally, an arsenal of Cinematographic Special FX (CineSFX), provides customisable creative visual lighting effects, on set or location (Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb, Police & TV).

Delivering powerful performance in a compact package, NEO can be a secret weapon wherever a key light, fill, extra kick or catch-light is needed. Available as a single or 3 light kit, NEO includes a belt pouch, power supply and 4 piece Filter Pack including Diffusion, Skin Tone and Magenta.

Rotolight NEO The next evolution of on-camera LED Lighting

Key Features:

Bi Colour (6300K-3200K), Soft Light output 50 degree beam angle
Delivers an powerful output of up to 1077 lux at 3 feet
AccuColour technology for Best in Class CRI >95, Skin Tone >99, TLCI > 91
True Aperture Dimming , CineSFX, and Designer Fade Modes
Flicker free at any frame rate or shutter speed
Power via 6 x AA batteries (3 hours), AC (included) or optional D-Tap cable

Additional Features:

Ideal for Videography, Cinematography and Photography.
Delivers signature Rotolight catch light
Dual rotary encoder control knobs for precise colour temperature and brightness adjustments
Hot Shoe Mount and 1/4” 20 female thread for lighting stand / accessory mounting
100,000 hour LED life.