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TwistGrip is thepremium universal smartphone clampfrom Manfrotto, specifically devised for all smartphone users interested insmartphone photographywho want toincrease the potentialof their device.

The clamp connects any smartphone to any kind of support, functioning as a base for a completemodular photographic system. Its �” thread support connection and cold-shoe lighting connection give you the possibility to use TwistGrip inmultiple configurationsand with different photographic accessories that will help you always achieving thebest shooting results.

Itssturdy and securealuminium body and high-quality construction is fullyMade in Italyand ensures smartphones are reliably supported while shooting pictures and videos: the twist movement and the locking knobsecurely block the smartphonein the right position in just a few, easy steps.

Thanks to its unique shape and function, TwistGrip is one of the handiest smartphone accessories: its stylish appearance, tactile finish,compactshape and countless applications not only make iteasy to carry aroundand veryversatile but also a real pleasure to use.

  • Enhances the photographic potential of any smartphone
  • Easy-to-use twist movement & locking knob for great stability
  • Universal tripod and lighting connections
  • Slim and handy shape for great portability
  • High quality material, design and finishing completely Made in Italy