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The Theta V 360 spherical camera is easy to use and compact enough to carry everywhere. A new image sensor and processor produces more realistic “as-if-you-were-there” 360 content. High-speed data transfer allows you to quickly and wirelessly upload 14 megapixel stills and high-resolution 4K videos for immediate showing and sharing. Omni-directional audio recording functionality enables 360 spatial audio. The camera can connect to a mobile device using either Bluetooth or wireless LAN to allow for flexible operation based on user preferences. In addition, the Theta V has a highly expandable operating system so that it can receive future performance enhancements through firmware updates.

  • The Theta V can shoot high-def smooth 360 video at 30 fps at a resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels, which is equivalent to 4K. Users can enjoy greater realism by creating immersive VR video content and watching video on a large screen.
  • High-res 360 spherical images and video, with improvements to the image quality by the addition of the Qualcomm Snapdragon as the main processor, has completely enhanced the exposure accuracy and white balance algorithm.
  • The Theta V has a 4-channel microphone that supports 360 spatial audio recording built in. Omni-directional audio is recorded not just in the horizontal direction but also in the vertical direction.
  • The camera’s new high-speed data transfer is 2.5 times faster than previous Theta models, allowing users to quickly and wirelessly upload 14 megapixel stills and high-resolution 4K videos for immediate showing and sharing.
  • The world’s-first Remote Playback capable fully spherical camera allows users to wirelessly playback 360 images and videos on a large-screen display, using a compatible wireless display adapter.
  • The camera can always be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth low energy (BLE). This function provides improvements in usability and power consumption .
  • A new and unique feature of the Theta V is that Ricoh will be able to create new functions for the camera via software plug-ins. The first of these plug-ins was developed by Ricoh and is already integrated into the phone. It enables the Theta V to deliver the world’s first remote playback capability in a commercially-marketed, fully spherical camera.
  • Dedicated Theta Apps allow for easy shooting, viewing, editing and sharing of your spherical images and videos.