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Lab Pricing

  Lab Pricing  
Film Developing Film & Print Scans Ink Jet Photo Printing
(C-41 Film Only, per roll)
35mm 4.95
120mm 6.95
APS 6.95
Mixed Negative Digital Scans
(35mm/25 images, 120/12 images)
Low Res Jpeg 9.95
High Res Jpeg 9.95
High Res Tif 29.95
Kiosk Instant Prints
(Matte or Glossy, dyesub, each)
4x6 .29
5x7 1.49
8x10/8x12 3.95
Matte or Glossy Prints
(with development, dyesub, each)
4x6 .39
additional 4x6 set .20
3.5x5 .39
5x7 .89
Oddsize Film
Under 4x5 Negative 1.49 Jpeg/ 1.99Tif
4x5 Negative or Larger 4.95 Jpeg/ 9.95 Tif
Slide, Single Negative, Print Scans
Low Res Jpeg .99
High Res Jpeg 1.49
High Res Tif 1.99
Canon Pro 1000 Prints
Glossy, Matte, Luster, Semi-Gloss
4x6 or smaller 1.99
5x7 2.99
8x10/8x12 4.95
11x14 9.95
12x18 12.95
16x20 27.95
Develop and Scanning
Low Res Jpeg 9.95
(3130x2048 5mb, CD/USB)
High Res Jpeg 9.95
(6415x4184 20mb, CD/USB)
High Res Tif 29.95
(6415x4184 150mb, USB)
Reprints from 35mm, 120, APS
(glossy or matte, dyesub, each)
4x6 .59
Additional 4x6 .20
5x7 2.99
8x10/8x12 4.95
Entrada or Baryta
4x6 or smaller 3.95
5x7 5.95
8x10/8x12 11.95
11x14 22.95
12x18 32.95
16x20 44.95
Additional Info
Timing subject to work load and
order quantity.

Rushing Orders may be available
at an additional 50% subtotal fee.
Reprints from Slide or Print only
(Matte or Glossy, dyesub, each)
4x6 1.49
Additional 4x6 .20
5x7 2.99
8x10/8x12 4.95
Canon Large Format Prints
Matte 42in, Luster 42in,
Glossy 24in

14.00 per sq ft.
Canvas 36in
20.00 per sqft
Emailing Orders is available for 3.95

Prepaid Orders will be held for
one month, charged in full
regardless of image quality,
quantity and including blank rolls.
Digital Media Recovery
(memory cards)
24.95 per 32GB recovered

Digital File Transfers
(Digital Media to Digital Media or Disk)
4.95 per 5GB
Custom Image Work and Restorations
Minor Editing, quote based on time
Full Editing, 100$ per hour

Custom Print Sizes are available for
most papers upon request.
Borders can be added to
most photos upon request.