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  Kenmore Camera Lab Services 

  C-41 Film Developing 35mm and APS

    35mm - 6.95         APS - 9.95      
    Developed film cut in strips of 4, or uncut by request.    
    Please add the cost of film developing with items ordered below.
      Push Processing of Film              1.00     
      Film Scanning  
      Images are scanned to supplied DVD or to your own USB Flash media.
      USB Drives available at the lab counter for purchase. 
      Low Res Scan(5MB)   3.00
      High Res Scan(20MB)    8.00    
      High Res Tiff Scan(80MB)  13.00  (Tiff to USB media)  
      DNP Dye Sub Prints - Matte or Glossy - priced per print 
       Print Size      First set of prints     Additional Prints    
      3.5x5 0.39 0.20      
      4x6 0.39 0.20      
      5x7 0.89 0.45      
    Price per roll at time of developing.     

  Printing from Digital Media



Kiosk - Instant Print Service

      DNP Dye Sub Prints - Matte or Glossy - priced per print 
      4x6 5x7 8x10 8x12     
      0.29 1.49 3.95 3.95     

Next day Service

      Printed on Canon Pro-1      
      Canon Paper - Matte, Luster, Semi-Gloss, Glossy   
      4x6 5x7 8x10 8x12     
      1.99 2.99 4.95 4.95     
      11x14 12x18  16x20      Semi-Gloss only   
      9.95 12.95 27.95      
      Printed on Moab Entrada or Baryta     
      4x6 5x7 8x10 8x12     
      3.95 5.95 11.95 11.95     
      11x14 12x18 16x20      
      22.95 32.95 44.95      
      Custom sizes available upon request.
      Double sided printing available on Matte - 1.5x price listed.
      Print sizes can be odd sizes at closest print price.


5 day Service

      Large Format Printing 
      Printed on a Canon IPF-8400 
      Maximum print width shown      
      $14 per Sq Ft $20 per Sq Ft     
      Matte - 42 in. Velvet - 24 in.     
      Luster - 42 in. Canvas - 36 in.     
      Glossy - 24 in.       
    Extra   1.49   charged if scan from print, slide or negative needed. 
    Prices listed are per print. 

  Reprints and Enlargements from Film or Prints


Printed on DNP Dye-Sub printer


Reprints from Negatives 135, 120, APS    

    Print Size    First Print   Additional Prints
    3.5x5 0.59 0.29      
    4x6 0.59 0.29      
    5x7 2.49 1.49      
    8x10 4.95 3.95      
    8x12 4.95 3.95      

Reprints from Prints or 135 Slides 

    Print Size   First Print  Additional Prints
    3.5x5 1.49 0.74    
    4x6 1.49 0.29   
    5x7 2.99 1.49   
    8x10 5.45 3.95   
    8x12 5.45 3.95    

  Print and Film Scanning

    Price per scan, plus +  cost of storage media. 
    USB flash media is avalable to puchase at the lab counter or bring your own. 
    DVD 4.7gb Storage Media  - 3.95 

 Scan 135, APS or 120 to Digital Media - Film Scanner

      Per single image Scanned     
      Low Res Scan (5MB)    0.99  
      High Res Scan (20MB)    1.49  
      High Res Tiff Scan (80MB) to USB Media    1.99  
      Up to 36 images scanned, Complete Mixed film strips no single cut negs. 
      Low Res Scan (5MB)   9.95    
      High Res Scan (20MB) 14.95  
      High Res Tiff Scan (80MB) to USB Media 19.95  

 Scan odd size negative to Digital Media - Flatbed

      Low Res  1.49      
      High Res 1.99      
      High Res Tiff  2.99      

 Scan Prints up to 11x16 to Digital Media - Flatbed

      Low Res 1.49  
      High Res 1.99  
      High Res Tiff  2.99  
      Larger print scanned sizes by quote. 

Restorations & Custom Work 

      Minor Editing - Variable price based on time 
      Intensive Photoshop work $100 per hour 

Digital media Recovery

      Recovery per memory card - 24.95 
      This service requires a memory card to place your recovered files on.
      USB storage media is avalable to puchase at the lab counter.
    Timing subject to change based upon workload and order quantity. 
    Please speak with a lab tech should require assistance or special requests.
     Open Printable Page or download in .PDF format